Wonder Valley Experimental Living Cabins

The A-Z West Experimental Living Cabins are located in the sandy expanse of Wonder Valley, a remote part of the Mojave, 40 minutes from A-Z West. The two identical 400 square foot cabins offer vast of space and deep solitude— An instance when patterns and routines are stripped away, allowing a new kind of awareness to emerge. Conditions are minimal, but basic necessities are provided, including water, light source, bedding, seating, cooking tools and utensils.

The experimental Living Cabins are the site of ongoing investigations into structures for living – The current work, Planar Configuration is a sculpture and single piece of furniture comprised of various vertical and horizontal surfaces that function as seating, table, bed, counter, and room divider: Serving visitors and participants with a platform for living.

The Experimental Living Cabins are open to the public to experience through individual bookings. Visitors may rent the cabins for nightly or weekly intervals—shorter, hourly, visits will not be administered.

Rates (two night minimum):
First night: $175*
All additional nights: $100
Weekly (six nights): $500
*This includes orientation and supplies: clean linens, propane, and a modest amount of water

To schedule a visit in one of the Experimental Living Cabins, please email desired dates to azwest@zittel.org.