I first started the renovation of AZ West in the year 2000 – twelve years ago.  Hard to believe….  especially since so many “temporary” decisions, like the Ikea lights, have gone overlooked for over a decade now.  Finally, humiliated by the passage of so much time with no real action, I commissioned TK with the fabrication of some long-percolating plans for lighting prototypes.  The living room lights above are a simplified reference to wagon wheel lamps.  Below are ceiling lights designed for the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom wall sconces…


I made my first lights for AZ East (in Brooklyn NY) back in the 1990s by using long showcase bulbs wired to dimmers, dialed down until the long filament became a visible wire.  Ever since I’ve been sold on exposed bulbs.  Now add to that, a quest for the ultimate mood lighting…  The AZ West lights were designed with the theory that many small light sources would create a better, more brightly diffused light then a single main source.  (think about how great the light is from patio or christmas tree lights)  – a theory that seems to hold true.  Each ceiling lamp has eight 25 watt bulbs, and is wired to a dimmer switch for perfect control over the brightness.


And no, we don’t still have our christmas tree up in late January  (in the background behind Moon Cloud) – I’ve just been documenting the lighting project for the full time that it has taken to come to fruition!